Request a Custom Design Consultation with Jamie Santellano

***Please have a look around my website to get an idea of the kind of work I do before filling out this form. You can view my work at

Often times, potential clients fill out this form in hopes that I can create exactly what they're asking for. However, my work is specialized and rooted in traditional methods. My artistry is done by hand, which means I use simple tools such as a jeweler's saw, files, various hammers, and a torch. If your design concept is one that will potentially be made by wax carving and casting methods then I will not be able to make what you want. This method requires specific tools and skill that I do not work in.

If you feel that your idea falls in line with the type of work I do then I'd love to hear from you.


CUSTOM ORDERS ARE NOT ACCEPTED AT THIS TIME UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Custom orders differ a great deal from one another. Designs are unique to you and/or the person you’re ordering for. The turnaround time and cost will vary depending on the design and intricacy.


I reserve the right to turn away requests to copy or counterfeit other jewelry companies work. For example, I will not accept requests to create jewelry that other companies make, or accessories from catalogs. All work MUST be original.


Please fill in your contact information below. ***NOTE* Please have a look at my shop and the kind of work I do before filling out this form.
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Once I review your information I will send you and email to schedule an appointment for a consultation. 

Your consultation will last anywhere from 15-30min. Please keep an eye out for my email and check your spam (junk) folders as sometimes emails are filtered and not seen. Thank you!



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Please share as many details as possible such as your ring size, bracelet size, or necklace size. If you know the dimensions you want please let me know.


Custom orders can be made for special events, gifts and may have a theme. Let me know if you have a deadline.
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