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Silver Chain Necklace


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  • Silver Chain Necklace
  • Polished surface
  • Handmade woven chain
  • Woven chain approximately – 1″ L x 1/4″ W
  • Adjustable necklace length – 14 1/4″ – 15 1/2″
  • Sterling silver chain
  • Italian figure 8 clasp
  • Sterling silver

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Luxurious jewelry ideal for the Stylish woman

The necklace for the woman that wants options

Do you love chokers? Searching for one that’s unique? The Silver Chain Necklace is like no other! It’s a classy necklace and displays a youthful appearance. Great for a simple and not-so-over-the-top kinda look.This necklace will definitely turn heads as it draws the eye in. The woven chain pendant is a minimal version of the Silver Chain Bracelet (link). It’s a great accent piece if you’re looking for a set. They go BEAUTIFULLY together!

Chokers are meant to be tight but you can have your cake and eat it too

Do you love the look of a choker but don’t like the tightness of them ? I understand and have come up with a solution for you. Here’s the thing, a choker is meant to fit snug around the neck but if you don’t like the feeling of that then you’ll love this choker. To solve this problem I added a short chain at end of the necklace. That way you have the option to wear it snug or loose. The choker is 14 1/4” and has an adjustable chain that is 1 1/4” longer to give you some wiggle room around your neck. If this is still too small of a choker for you and would like to have one made that’s a bit larger let me know. You can call me at 661.347.6183 and we can discuss the size that best suits you.

I love handmade jewelry! Is this necklace made by hand?

Yes! All my jewelry is handmade. The only part that isn’t on this necklace is the clasp and the chain that connects to the woven chain and clasp. The tail extension I added to make the chain adjustable is also handmade. The woven chain is the same as the bracelet I make called the Silver Chain Bracelet. When I first started learning how to make jewelry I fell in love with making chainmail. What’s chainmail you ask? The way I describe it is it’s a metal mesh that has movement like a heavy fabric. Except that its made of many metal rings that are linked together. Think of the Knights of Templar. They used to wear chainmail armor to protect them when out in battle. Nowadays chainmail is used as decoration and in jewelry. I use chainmail in my jewelry designs. I love it’s movement and the way it glides across my skin. It’s so smooth!  

Where did your inspiration come from?

The Silver Chain Bracelet was my inspiration for the woven part of the necklace. I got the idea of making it into a choker from watching Pretty Little Liars. Yes! I have to admit I’m a Pretty Little Liars junkie…if there’s such a thing. I love how sassy those girls are! Especially in the last two seasons where they’re older and much more mature. They’ve grown up, lived life a bit, traveled, and are passionate about their careers. In many of the episodes a couple of the girls wear chokers and I just loved how they looked in them. That’s when I got the idea to create some chokers.


Can I order this necklace in gold?

Yes, this Item is made to order and available in 18k and 22k. Price’s are available upon request.


*Contact for assistance

Customer Service: 661.347.6183



Due to the fact that all products are handmade, the finished product may look slightly different than the product in the photo.

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