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Love Knot Earrings Sterling Silver


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  • Love Knot Earrings
  • Sterling silver
  • Stud earrings
  • 3 Interlocking circles
  • 6mm bullet clutch ear nut
  • Hammered and shiny surface
  • Handmade dangle earrings

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With these charming and luxurious Love Knot Earrings, you’ll turn heads at every corner. Dangling from an open-circle stud, are three interlocking circles elegantly displaying gorgeous age-old hammered textures. For a secure attachment, these earrings come with 6mm bullet clutch ear nut backings for a secure fit. Where ancient meets modern, these earrings are a classic design making them a great addition to your jewelry collection. 

If you have sensitive ears and are looking for a pair of earrings that can be worn all-day these lightweight silver dangle earrings are perfect! The length of these earrings is 1 1/4″ which works well for ears that are sensitive.

This pair of Love Knot Earrings is part of the Santellano Signature Collection and is created for those who carry the spirit of wanderlust in their heart and have a lust for Old World craftsmanship. The Santellano Signature Collection has been featured on NBC, CBS, Los Angeles Times, & Fox.


While traveling around Ireland, I went to visit many castles. I love visiting places like that! My mind goes crazy thinking of life as it were back then. I’m sure it was a difficult life but people lived it. The wealthy needed an army of knights that were willing to defend them. To keep them safe, they wore metal plate armor. Along with the metal plate they also wore a type of metal mesh armor that’s called maille. Nowadays we refer to it as chainmail. Chainmail can be created in all types of styles. The Mobius chainmail pattern inspires these earrings. The basic pattern is about taking anywhere from three to several rings and interlocking them to create this knot-like look. These dangle earrings are a simple version of what can be done in this style of chainmail. I’ve also added some rings with the tree bark texture and hammered texture to complete the look.

Can I order these earrings in gold?

Yes, this item is made to order and available in 18k and 22k. Price’s are available upon request.

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Due to the fact that all products are handmade, the finished product may look slightly different than the product in the photo.


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