• Circle Choker Image
  • Circle Choker Image

Eternity Circle Necklace


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  • Eternity Circle Necklace
  • Polished hammered surface
  • Handmade choker necklace
  • Chain length 14 1/4″ – 15 1/2″
  • Adjustable necklace length
  • Sterling silver

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Luxurious jewelry ideal for the Stylish woman

Eternity Circle Necklace for women who want a timeless look

Are you a fan of the Eternity Circle Necklace? Wondering what’s all the fuss about? Circles are a symbol of timelessness, eternity, and wholeness. There’s no beginning or end. A circle’s cyclic nature’s infinite. In my version of the circle necklace, I’ve added a hammered texture to the surface. Its surface is reflective and creates a sparkly appearance.  

What else can I wear with this necklace?

This necklace pairs well with the Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings, and Concave Silver Ring. 

Can I order this bracelet in gold?

Yes, this Item is made to order and available in 18k and 22k. Price’s are available upon request.

*Contact for assistance

Customer Service: 661.373.6820
Eternity Circle Necklace Giveaway
Enter the giveaway here to win this Eternity Circle Necklace NOW! The giveaway runs from July 16th-August 9th. The winner is announced on August 14, 2019.


Due to the fact that all products are handmade, the finished product may look slightly different than the product in the photo.


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