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Circle Stud Earrings


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  • Circle Stud Earrings
  • Tree bark hammered surface
  • Handmade stud earrings
  • Choose either silver or black patina silver metal color
  • Hammered circles
  • 18k gold balls
  • Silver ear nut clutch
  • Sterling silver


Luxurious jewelry ideal for the Stylish woman

The circle stud earrings for the woman with adventurous spirit

Do you ever find yourself wandering off-the-beaten-path? Or would you rather take the well-worn path? If you’re anything like me you gravitate towards a life full of travel and adventure. Life is about creating unforgettable memories and living the life you were meant to. This pair of circle stud earrings are created for the woman with an adventurous spirit. 

Tell me more about these earrings?

Using Old World craftsmanship, I use tools and skills that rare and uncommon in todays mass-productive world. With various hammering techniques I’ve created these earrings with a textured surface. These earrings are decorated with 18k gold balls to add interest. Each earring has a sterling silver ear nut clutch to secure them in place.

What’s your inspiration?

Some of my favorite moments are when I’m out exploring. There’s something intriguing to me about it. It must be because I feel carefree and scoping out new territory fulfills my curiosity. So while I was in England there were times I’d happen upon some cobble stone walkways and even though they were very much apart of a well-worn path, to me it was new and interesting. Made me think of all the people that had walked those same streets millions of times before. It was these pathways that inspired me to create these earrings.

 Can I order these earrings in gold?

Yes, this Item is made to order and available in 18k and 22k. Price’s are available upon request.


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Due to the fact that all products are handmade, the finished product may look slightly different than the product in the photo.


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