Jamie Santellano, trained in Irish Silversmithing, creates modern sterling silver jewelry with an old-world twist in her 10 piece Santellano Collection launching this November.


Santellano began her journey with metal work in 2006 when she traveled to southeast Ireland’s prestigious Brian Clarke School of Silversmithing. She received certifications in various Silversmithing techniques and developed a love for the old-world craftsmanship she’s become known for. Following her extensive training, Santellano returned to Los Angeles where she worked with JR Jewelry Designs with 40 years of jewelry design experience to further develop her skills. Then, in the Fall of 2010, Santellano’s incredible handmade jewelry was featured in Art Jewelry Magazine as an exclusive five page spread. Now, armed with her skills and a clear passion for old-world jewelry creation, the Jamie Santellano brand is launching the 10 piece Santellano Collection this 21 November.

Check out what one of Santellano’s beta-customers had to say:

“I asked [Jamie] about creating a special bracelet for me.  I wanted a Fleur de Lis incorporated into the design, but I’m very picky about the style. Jamie came back with a fantastic design that used exactly the style I prefer. She had wonderful ideas to really make the piece eye-catching and interesting. When I received the bracelet, it was even more beautiful and stunning than I’d imagined! It fits me perfectly, both style- and size-wise. I also love that it’s signed and dated—the uniqueness of the piece, the design and work that went into it make it very special to me. I couldn’t be happier with it.”

Robin, Oregon | Verified Customer

The Santellano Collection.  

The Santellano Collection, available with variations, will feature:

    1. Fiona Choker Necklace In Sterling Silver: a hammered texture, circle pendent. Daringly minimalist.
    2. Chiara Stackable Rings In Sterling Silver: three bands in a contrasting hammered texture. A set like no other.  
    3. Wicklow Ring In Sterling Silver: a wide banded ring with hammered surface. Timelessly sophisticated.
    4. Ophelia Necklace In Sterling Silver: three silver rings in interwoven designs. Enchantingly old-world.


  • Mia Choker Necklace In Sterling Silver: a Celtic knotwork inspired chain. Beautifully crafted.
  • And more…


I hold a strong belief in my heart, and I’ve often told my daughter, to find something to be passionate about and be good at it. If I’m going to work long hours it should be doing something I love, and it will speak through my work. Working in metal speaks to me. It feels good to work in it. It’s like a symphony between myself and the work at hand. I’ve always said, “my hands become the tools.”
Jamie Santellano | Expert Craftsman & Silversmith


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Jamie Santellano – The Santellano Collection – Making Fine Art Wearable

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