Mother's Day Gift Sets

Mother’s Day Collection – A Gift For Our Treasured Mother’s

Featuring: Vibrance Of Green Collection – “Shine Like No Other”

A One-Of-A-Kind Limited Edition

A Treasured Gift

Why are mothers such treasured gifts? While we often think this question is easily answered on the surface it goes much deeper. After thinking about all the reasons why my mother is so special to me, a recent memory came to mind that made me smile.

A few weeks ago I took my mom to her chemo therapy treatment, and it was a rough day

Mom and I
My mother and I shopping at JoAnn’s for yarn.

to say the least. What really struck me about it was the amount of positivity and strength my mom has. I know she’s a strong woman, but wow! I was in awe! She just walked into City Of Hope smiling from ear to ear, and greeting others as if there were no cares in the world. I was in total amazement watching her in action, and even though I didn’t say anything, I felt it in my heart. Later that day after her treatment was finished, we had lunch, and then went shopping at JoAnn’s for some yarn. Mom LOVES to crochet! I remember mom walking in front of me, and she turned her head slightly looking back and said, “find what makes you happy before it’s too late because in a blink of an eye it can all change.” When she said that it touched me so deeply it was profound. My mother is unique, lives for the moment, and is such an inspiration to me that I decided to create a treasured gift for you to celebrate your mother on Mother’s Day.


To help celebrate the occasion, this curation is a collection of 12 one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry in bundled sets. Each set includes: 1 pair of earrings and a bracelet, or 1 pair of

Mother's Day Gift Sets
The perfect one-of-a-kind bundled gift set for mom on Mother’s Day.

earrings and a necklace. Every piece of jewelry in the collection is carefully handcrafted with various wire wrapping and hammered techniques that add a bit of texture and style to each design. Making this even more exciting, and on trend the collection features Pantone’s color of the year, Greenery. Pantone chose Greenery for the color of the year to help us disconnect, and get back to nature, renewal, and regrowth. Since it’s springtime and a time for renewal and growth with all the flowers and plant life in full bloom the color green is a perfect match with some green gemstones I chose to use in my designs such as peridot, moss agate, green garnet, emeralds, and prehnite.

Vibrance Of Green

Gemstones have such a wonderful connection to the earth! They have strong vibrations that can help us feel more connected to their energies and to mother earth. The same is

Vibrance Of Greenery
Model – Michelle Rosseau in the Peri-dew Drop earrings and Necklace set.

true with color and the way it makes us feel. Green in particular has a strong connection to life and vitality. Inspired by my mother’s zest for life, and her strong desire to beat breast cancer I felt a connection to these stones. I feel like this is a new beginning for my mother and for our family. Those who have been touched by cancer, or know someone who has can relate, and is another reason I chose to use peridot, moss agate, green garnet, emeralds, and prehnite. These are gemstones with attributes of abundance, renewal, growth, and vitality and add the perfect touch to the Vibrance Of Green Collection.

In the creation and curation of the Vibrance Of Green Collection, it is my wish to bring you a collection of special gifts of one-of-a-kind bundled jewelry sets. This collection is inspired by the brilliance I see in my mother, and to celebrate the nature in all mothers and their endless giving spirit, so that they can radiantly, “Shine Like No Other.”

The Vibrance of Green collection is due to launch May 3, 2017 and available for a limited time.

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  1. Jamie, this entire site is a wonderful creation and the story of your Mom just puts the icing on the cake. I know she is proud of you!! Hugs.

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