Ruby Pendant by Jamie Santellano

July Birthstone – Ruby Red Gemstone

July Birthstone - Ruby Red Gemstone

Here we are right smack in the middle of summer! It’s July and half of the year is gone. Nevertheless, exciting times are upon us! As the season changes we will soon be thinking about gift giving ideas.  

Since we’re in July, we will focus on birthdays for now. However, this information is useful for most gift giving occasions. That being said, let’s dive into July’s birthstone.

The birthstone for the month of July is ruby. The ruby is a semi-precious stone and is revered for it’s gorgeous blood-red color. It is one of the traditional cardinal gems. 

What Ruby Represents and its Properties

Ruby represents passion, nobility, and purity. It is also believed to have properties of love, passion, knowledge, and wealth. 

Fun Fact: Did you know that it was believed that the Imperial State Crown of the United Kingdom had a large ruby set in the center of the Maltese cross? This large gemstone is known as The Black Princes Ruby. But the truth is that this gorgeous ruby red stone is actually a 170 carat, uncut, red spinel cabochon. It’s amazing how much the spinel resembles a ruby!

July Birthday gifts – 

Looking for gift ideas for someone you know that was born in July?  Here are a few ideas that can help you eliminate the stress. 

  • Ruby earrings
  • Ruby pendant with chain
  • Ruby ring 
  • Ruby necklace

Zodiac Sign

These jewelry gift ideas do not have to be statement pieces! A simple ruby set in silver or gold will do just fine. However, if you want to go the extra mile consider the astrological symbol (a crab) for July with a ruby to capture both the birthstone and the symbol. Another idea is to have a ruby set in the sign of the zodiac for this month. The possibilities are endless!

*Note* Rubies look best when set in gold. It enhances this blood-red stone by adding a bit of warmth to it.

Natural Gemstones

These days natural gemstones are all the rage, so with that in mind consider having a custom piece made for your loved one with a raw uncut ruby. They will feel extra special with a piece made just for them!

Custom Jewelry

Finally, If you’d like to discuss a custom piece send me an email and together we’ll create something magical for your loved one. *Note* Custom items do take time to make, so please allow 3-6 weeks depending on the ornateness of the piece. Thank you!

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