Traveling with your jewelry

On The Go Jewelry Traveling Kit

Traveling with your jewelry
Traveling with your jewelry.

On The Go – Jewelry Traveling Kit

Do you love to travel, but dislike living out of your suitcase? It’s always so exciting to go to new places, seeing new sights, different cultures, trying new foods, wines, and beer. Although, trying to keep things organized can be a major task each and every time you open that suitcase! Not to mention, trying to keep track of where you put each and every piece of your jewelry, and keep it from getting tangled up. Even though I’m a tourist, I still want to look my best, and my jewelry is definitely apart of my identity.

Travel By Plane

If you’re taking a flight to your destination then you definitely don’t want to pack your pretty valuables in your check-in luggage. TSA always warns against leaving valuables in your check-in luggage and recommends that you carry your jewelry, cameras, money etc. in your carry-on. From experience, I’ve discovered the process of going through security to be a little overwhelming. This is especially the case when trying to keep track of where you put all your belongings, and not lose them in the process.

How – Not – To Pack Your Jewelry

I’ve been the worst at times when packing my jewelry for a trip. Most of the time my jewelry ends up in plastic zip-lock bags. I have to admit at least it’s see through, however, this can be a problem too! It’s not good practice letting everyone see what valuables I’m carrying.

Below, I’ve included a short video of my new-found gem that will help keep my jewelry organized and safe while traveling.

*Disclaimer – I’m not associated, or an affiliate of the seller of the item I’m using. I just love their product and want to share it with you.

WODISON Zipper Carry-on Travel Jewelry Case Organizer with Removable Pouch

How To Carry Your Jewelry While On Vacation

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