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Jewelry Tip for Swollen Fingers

Jewelry Tip for Swollen Fingers

If you have ever dealt with swelling hands then you are going to love my jewelry tip for swollen fingers. A jewelry lover like yourself, will most likely have a stash of your favorite jewelry. These accessories are classics, for me, ’cause they go with much of what I wear so, it’s a win. Especially, when I’m not feeling quite like myself. Depending on how extreme the swelling is it can be debilitating and make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin.


Jewelry is Personal

Jewelry is personal. Often times it is part of our identity. For example, when I was in high school (we’re going wayyyyy back) I used to wear all sterling silver on one hand, and gold on the other. My jewelry was “like” my brand. The rings I wore on each finger had special meaning to me. They identified my personal style, and special relationships be it a friendship, or lover. All my friends knew that my rings and how I arranged them on my hands was unique to me. It was rare that I went anywhere without my rings.


A Common Question About Ring Sizing

That said, I have been thinking about a common question I get from a lot of women. They LOVE rings, however, when it comes to ring sizing, one concern comes to mind. This concern is about their swollen fingers. 


Causes of  Swollen Fingers

Swollen fingers can be caused from things such as hot weather, medical conditions, medications, too much salt in the diet, fluid retention, injuries, and even the food we eat. The list goes on! -And, since I’m not a doctor I can not give medical advice; although, I do know about jewelry and have a solution that I can share with you.

So, if you ever suffer from swollen fingers, and absolutely love to wear rings then this will help!


Don’t Wear Rings – Instead Do This!

If you find that your fingers are swollen and in pain, I’d suggest not wearing rings. Give your hands a break, and instead wear a bracelet that is a real attention getter. TRUST ME! It works! GO BOLD! Wear a statement bracelet that stops traffic! What this will do is take the focus off of your hands and draw the viewer’s eye to that fantastic piece of art that’s hugging your wrist. No one will notice your swollen fingers!


I Don’t Like Big And Bold

If big and bold isn’t your thing, that’s okay! Instead, try wearing a bracelet that is larger than what you would normally wear. Again, the point is to take the focus off of your hands, and move it up to your wrist.


Others Will Notice You Did Something Different

What others will notice, is that you’ve done something different. They’ll compliment you on your beautiful bracelet instead of seeing your swollen fingers. They won’t even notice you aren’t wearing rings! This will also take YOU off the hook for any kind of explanations about medical conditions and the like, and give you an uplifting boost. 😎


Don’t Let Swollen Fingers Ruin Your Day

To sum up! Don’t let swollen fingers ruin your day. Choose a statement bracelet and draw “their” eye’s to your wrist, and away from your hands. Your friends and loved ones won’t realize what you’ve done, but they will notice something different about you.

Plus, you’ll give your precious fingers a much needed break.

-And you’ll also feel good because you didn’t have to abandon your LOVE for  jewelry! To others, you have “simply” switched it up. 🤩

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