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Custom Design Jewelry

Custom Design Jewelry

A common question I’m often asked is, “do you make custom design jewelry?” The short answer is, “yes, I do.” Now let’s get into the details.

Making custom jewelry was one area I focused most of my attention at the start of my business. Over the years it has changed. I started designing, and making my own jewelry collections some years ago. Nowadays, my time is mostly focused on my own work. However, during certain times of the year I will accept orders for custom jewelry. So, If you have an idea that you’d love to have made I can help you!


Winding wire around a mandrel.
Making jumprings for a chain

Custom Orders are Accepted Twice a Year

Custom orders are accepted twice a year. Consultations for custom jewelry start February 1st through April 1st, and again July 1st through September 1st. I like to refer to this as “Custom Order Season.” Around these dates, I have more availability to dedicate to working one-on-one with clients. During this period, my schedule opens up for consultations to discuss designs, do sketches, discuss any changes if necessary, and decide on the materials my client will ultimately want for their wearable art. As you can see, there’s a lot that goes into an order like this, and we’ve not even started work on the project. 


How Many Orders are Accepted at a Time?

Due to the nature of a custom order and the time required for each project, I do my best to limit the number of orders I accept. My limit is 3 orders for the duration of the custom ordering season. Each project is handled in the order in which it’s received. I feel it’s much better to work with one client at a time, so I can be sure to provide the best quality service they deserve. Each custom piece must be treated with the utmost respect. These types of orders are often sentimental, symbolic in nature, and intended to be an heirloom. So, it’s important to allow a client to share their story as this lays the foundation for the piece to be made. I find their stories to be inspiring, which helps me get into the feelings and emotions necessary to create such a meaningful work of art. 


How Long Does it Take to Make Custom Designed Jewelry?

How long does it take to make custom designed jewelry? This is a great question! Since each order differs a great deal in terms of design, so will the time it requires to be made. I can often get a sense of how long the process will take once I know the details. Until then, I can’t really say. Something simple may seem like it can be done rather quickly, however, If materials need to be ordered it will be longer before I can start the work. 

Image of a Silver Cauldron Pot
Handcrafted silver cauldron pot

Is Jewelry the Only Thing You Make?

While jewelry is predominately what I do, it’s not the only thing I can make. I am a silversmith with skills in making various vessels and such, so I am capable of creating other things. I was once commissioned for a project that was for a silver cauldron pot with a handle. Luckily, I have a list of things that can be custom ordered for you to check out. You can fill out the request form here. 

Jamie Santellano Skype Call

How do I Contact you for a Custom Order?

How can I contact you for a custom order? If you’re ready to set up a consultation, please head over to my Custom Order Form page here. Complete the form as thoroughly as possible. This will help me a great deal when we have our consultation. Custom designs are exciting and I’m looking forward to hearing what you have in mind. Together we can collaborate and bring my skills, and your ideas to life!

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