Couture Jewelry And Fine Art

Ordering Couture Jewelry Designs And Fine Art

Do you love couture jewelry designs and fine art? Have you been searching for something that’s handmade for you? Is there a time in your life that you’d like to mark and celebrate with a gorgeous piece of jewelry that no-one else has?

If this is you, then let’s get started and make that gorgeous design you’ve been dreaming about today!


Here’s how it works

  • 1 – Free consultation
  • 3 easy installments
  • 3 – 30min. consultations
  • Up to 5 emails
  • 3 – Sketches
  • Final product
  • Free shipping – US and International
  • Shipping is insured and a signature is required for delivery

Twice a year I give my clients the opportunity to work with me privately. This one-on-one time allows us to work together on a unique piece of art. We can create anything from wearable art to sculptural pieces. You and I’ll discuss concepts and look at pictures for inspiration. It’s so much fun to see what we come up with!

Custom orders differ a great deal from one another. Designs are unique to you and the person you’re ordering for. The turnaround time and cost will vary depending on the design and intricacy.

Orders are accepted January – March, and June – August. They’re taken on a first come first serve basis and can roughly take anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months to complete. 


Disclaimer –

Please be aware that I don’t copy designs from other designers or well-known companies. All my designs are original. If you like a design from another designer or company I’d suggest you buy it from them. Others have asked before thinking that I can make them a “so-and-so” at a lower cost and it’s not possible. Anytime I make a custom design its one-of-a-kind. I dislike having to bring this up but it’s better to let you know up front.


Getting started

We’ll start with one (free) 30min. consultation. Our calls can be made by phone or Skype. You let me know which method you prefer when we book your consultation. 

We’ll discuss ideas, gemstones, and choices of precious metals you’d prefer. I’ll also share my processes and give you an estimate of your projects turnaround time.

By the end of our consultation, I’ll send you an email (time sensitive) with an invoice to pay for the start of your order.


Paying for your couture jewelry and art

Payment for your order is split into 3 easy installments.

The first installment is $300.00 and covers the costs of research, communication, and 3 sketches.

After you make your first installment we’ll set up our next call. Our next call will be booked for 1-2 weeks after our initial consultation. 


Design ideas you’ve been eager to see

On our second call, we’ll go over 3 designs, precious metal choices, and gemstones. 

I’ll make any changes necessary to the designs. Before our meeting is over we’ll also schedule our third 30min. consultation.

During our third call you’ll choose the final design and materials you’ll want. I’ll let you know the total cost involved with your project. You’ll have 72 hours to decide if you want to move forward with your order. I’ll call you unless you contact me before then with your final answer.

If you decide to continue with your order the second installment will be due. The second installment will cover the costs of materials for your order. 

If you decide to not move forward with your order you can let me know then. 


Non-refundable fees

Your first installment is non-refundable. The first installment covers the costs of our second call, research, and 3 sketches.

The second installment is non-refundable as soon as I’ve started making your piece.

If you decide to stop production after you’ve paid the second installment refunds aren’t given. You won’t have to pay the third installment and the project will be terminated.

If you terminate the project and I have not yet started working on your design I’ll refund you 50% of the material fee (second installment).


What if I need to put my project on hold? 

I know life happens and sometimes we need to place projects on hold for a short time.

Let me know and we can put your order on hold for up to 3 months.

Custom orders are not accepted during the holidays. We may have to start up your project in January if your “temporary hold” expires during the holiday season.


Time to order materials

Now that we’ve discussed your order and have all the details I’ll order what’s needed for your project. 

When you have chosen the design you want no other changes to the design or materials can be made.

It may take anywhere from 1-2 weeks for materials to arrive if I don’t already have them in stock. When I receive your materials I’ll let you know with an email that I’ll be starting your order.


It’s time to create your order

When I’m in the studio, I’ll be working to get your order made on time. I’ll not be readily available to answer questions. My deepest apologies in advance for this inconvenience. Each time I’m pulled away to answer every question that comes in my focus is split and taken away from your order.

It’s imperative that I keep on track with time and be able to do my VERY BEST with as little distraction as possible. Thank you so much for understanding!


Your order is complete and its time for delivery

When your order is complete I’ll give you a call. Your third installment (final payment) is due.

When your payment has cleared your order will ship out at no cost to you.

All custom orders are insured and need a signature for delivery.

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Couture Jewelry Design
Handmade jewelry requires lots of time and skills in drawing and craftsmanship. 
Labradorite Pendant
After I'm finished with my sketches I use my drawings as a guide at my bench.
Image of a Silver Cauldron Pot
"I wanted something super-special for my sister's 50th birthday. The silver cauldron Jamie made is absolutely stunning! The workmanship is perfect, and knowing it was handcrafted-priceless." -JHW Los Angeles, CA