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Looking for a special gift? Jewelry Lover’s can be easy to buy for except when it comes to style, metal type, and also figuring out what sizes they prefer. But don’t worry I can help! I have some excellent pointers to help you with jewelry shopping along the way…Blog COMING SOON!

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Are you looking for a piece of jewelry that no-one else has? Feeling bored with the latest “trends.” Do you want an accessory that feels like it was meant just for you? If you’re frustrated with the “here today and gone tomorrow” throwaway jewelry fashion, then you’re certainly in the right place! My one-of-a-kind jewelry section on this website is COMING SOON!

Would you love to be notified when I launch this NEW One-Of-A-Kind section? You can be first in line to see the new artistic jewelry pieces I’ve created and know you’re gonna LOVE! If so, click the link below to get on the VIP list and I’ll even send you your first 20% OFF discount code that only VIP’s get. I’m so excited and can’t wait to share all the details with you! 

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Ruby Pendant by Jamie Santellano

July Birthstone – Ruby Red Gemstone

July Birthstone – Ruby Red Gemstone Here we are right smack in the middle of summer! It’s July and half of the year is gone. Nevertheless, exciting times are upon us! As the season changes we will soon be thinking about gift giving ideas.   Since we’re in July, we will focus on birthdays for now. However, this information is useful for most gift giving occasions. That being said, let’s dive into July’s birthstone. The birthstone for the month of July is ruby. The ruby is a semi-precious stone and is revered for it’s gorgeous blood-red color. It is one of

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Custom Jewelry Order

Custom Jewelry Order – Behind the Scenes

Custom Jewelry Order – Behind The Scenes 6 Part Video Series Have you ever wondered what’s needed to place a custom jewelry order, and what goes on behind the scenes? Ever wondered why someone would want to place a custom order in the first place when they can easily go to the store and buy jewelry that’s already made, and inexpensive? These are some of the questions that will be answered in this Custom Jewelry Order, 6 part series. I will share my thought process and the decisions I made based on what my client wanted. You will also learn

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Necklace image for giveaway

Eternity Circle Necklace Giveaway

Eternity Circle Necklace Giveaway. *Note – Earrings aren’t included in the giveaway. Enter to Win The Eternity Circle Necklace Giveaway By Jamie Santellano Enter the Eternity Circle Necklace Giveaway below to win this GORGEOUS sterling silver choker! It’s one of my favorites to wear because of its classic style. Timeless jewelry like this silver necklace goes with almost any outfit in your closet. This necklace is so comfortable to wear you’ll forget you have it on! I just know that it’s sure to become a favorite of yours too! Eternity Circle Necklace Measurements Handcrafted with the utmost care to detail

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In the studio, your jewelry is skillfully created with Old World craftsmanship for a custom fit.


Jewelry is personal, and so is your style, which is why having a handcrafted piece of jewelry made to fit is special. Having a piece of jewelry made isn’t just for special occasions. It’s for EVERY occasion!

Bringing the dying art of Old World craftsmanship back to life, Jamie Santellano’s wearable art is skillfully handcrafted into new world designs to complement your personal style.



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